How Businesses Can Tackle The Gender Pay Gap


We blogged earlier this week about a new piece of research from the Institute for Fiscal Studies revealing that, on average, women in paid work receive approximately 18 per cent less an hour than men...

which could explain why some companies may be seeing their female members of staff leaving for better paid jobs. But what can you as a business do to retain staff and ensure your female workers are treated fairly?

You could, for example, consider enforcing paternity leave. This will mean that mothers will be free to return to work, spend more time at the office and make more money for themselves and their family. Getting women back in the office sooner will also mean that they won't miss out on wage growth and progression, which will in turn close the gender pay gap somewhat over time.

It might also be a good idea to try and work out if it's feasible to set up a childcare centre or crèche in your building so that people can bring their children to work with them, thus enabling them to get back to their jobs. If not, you might be able to consider subsidising childcare, which is incredibly expensive these days and no doubt a barrier preventing women from getting back to work.

And, of course, there's the old chestnut of flexible working, which is only increasing in popularity among employees and employers alike. Allowing people to work from home gives them greater control over their own lives and means they won't feel like they're making as much of a choice between their job and their family.

To find out why people are leaving your place of work and to see what can be done about it, make sure you carry out exit surveys so you can take the appropriate action where required.