46% Of Workplaces Have Never Had A Health And Safety Check


Nearly half of all workplaces have never had a visit from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) to ascertain whether they are fit for employees.

This is news that could be highlighted as a reason for workers to want to leave their employment in exit surveys.

According to a Trades Union Congress (TUC) survey, 46 per cent of health and safety representatives said they have never had an inspection, while only 24 per cent have had a check in the last 12 months.

TUC general secretary Frances O’Grady said these findings are “deeply worrying”. She stated: “Huge cuts to the HSE and to local authorities continue to undermine vital safety protections at work. That means more workers are risk of accidents in unsafe workplaces every day.”

Some industries reported a strikingly low number of inspections, despite the dangerous nature of their field. For instance, just 17 per cent of representatives from the construction industry had noted a HSE visit in the last 12 months, despite there being more than 65,000 work-related injuries and 67,000 work-related illnesses during 2015.

This problem is only like to worsen in the future, as government funding to the HSE is expected to be halved by 2019/20.

In addition to this, councils have cut down on the number of workplace inspections by 97 per cent, which explains the low proportions of health and safety checks.

The repercussions of not having an examination every so often can be huge. For instance, Parker Hannifin Manufacturing in Hemel Hampstead was recently fined £1 million after one of its employees at its manufacturing site was crushed to death when machinery fell on him.