13% Of Workers ‘Don’t Take Full Holiday Allowances’


As a business, one of your primary focuses should be how happy and content your workforce is. After all, a happy team of staff is a productive one…

New research from Direct Line Travel Insurance has found that 13 per cent of workers in the UK – or four million people – do not take all their holiday allowance each year. Why? The main reason was found to be the fact that work is simply too busy, with 34 per cent citing this as why they don’t take their full allocation of holiday days each year.

Other reasons for not taking holiday allowance were seen to be not feeling the need to, being limited as to when they can take holidays, the potential for colleagues suffering if holiday entitlement is taken and other colleagues wanting to take time off at the same time.

Commenting on the results, psychologist Gladeana McMahon said: “Holidays are vital for ensuring psychological, physical and emotional wellbeing. Not taking a break from work puts people at increased risk of developing stress related conditions like sleep deprivation, anxiety and depression.”

Encouraging your employees to ensure they have a good work/life balance is a must if you want to attract and retain the top talent in your field. If people think your company works staff members too hard or doesn’t appreciate them fully, they simply won’t want to come and work for you.

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