How Can You Make Your Employees Happier?


A new report has identified the top things firms can do to improve employee satisfaction.

Employee satisfaction is an important aspect of running any business, and one you should always be striving to improve. While some people leave jobs for reasons outside of a company’s control, many others start looking for alternative employment because they’re dissatisfied with their current role or workplace.

Writing in the HR Director, Chris Rowson identified some of the top things firms can do to improve employee satisfaction.

First among them is providing a positive working environment. When you think about how much time the average person spends at their place of work, it’s suddenly easy to see why this is so important.

Your aim should be to make it as easy as possible for people to do their jobs, while encouraging them to maintain a good work-life balance.

Another big thing for employers to look at is rewards and recognition - in many cases this could simply be encouraging a culture of thanking people for their hard work, with a lack of personal recognition a bugbear for many employees.

Of course, financial rewards, particularly salary, are important for many workers and you should not underestimate the positive impact of introducing bonuses and other reward schemes for your employees.

Career progression and skills development was another area mentioned as something that would help keep people happy in their jobs. Mr Rowson cited research by New Chapter Consulting, which found employees are more satisfied in their roles when they have a clear career progression mapped out for them.

If you’re seeing a high staff turnover and you want to understand why people are leaving their jobs at your firm it is worth investing in exit surveys. We identified some of the key reasons why people hand their notice in our recent blog post, and this may give you an idea of where to start when trying to improve employee satisfaction at your organisation.