HR Professionals ‘Expecting Challenges’ Surrounding Brexit


A new survey has revealed that many working in the UK’s HR sector expect the UK’s decision to leave the EU to pose challenges for their business and workforce.

In research commissioned by Cascade HR, 80 per cent of respondents said they expect Brexit to result in a number of challenges for their organisation, including managing organisational change, staff morale and recruitment.

However, Cascade HR CEO Oliver Shaw stressed that while Brexit may be part of the business environment, businesses are used to coping with regular change..

He added that it is vital for different aspects of each organisation to work together to overcome whatever challenges lie ahead, whether they are related to Brexit or not.

“HR departments, in collaboration with senior management teams, need to analyse the ‘temperature’ of their workforce and develop strategies to overcome all of the changes that may lie ahead,” Mr Shaw stated.

The survey also revealed that more than half (59 per cent) of those questioned intend to use technology to help them manage change in the coming year.

Larger organisations could benefit from customised exit surveys for all leavers to try to identify particular problem areas within a business that are leading to high staff turnover, for instance.

And part of the challenge for many businesses is that Brexit poses so many questions. Many will no doubt be hoping that a final verdict in the court case over whether Theresa May and her cabinet can trigger Article 50 without a vote in the House of Commons, which is expected some time in January, will bring some clarity to the process.