Do You Penalise The Fathers In Your Workplace?


There are many reasons people choose to leave a company, but what you don’t want is for them to go because they don’t feel supported or because they feel they’re unable to strike a good work/life balance while part of your business. A disgruntled employee never speaks kindly about their old workplace, after all!

New research from charity Working Families suggests that businesses perhaps need to focus on how they can better support fathers in the workplace, given that almost one-fifth of dads consider their employer to be unsympathetic at best about childcare, expecting there to be no disruption to work.

The study found that fathers are keen to be more active in childcare, but workplaces are not adapting so as to offer them support for their aspirations. While seven out of ten fathers work flexibly so they can fulfil their caring roles, half of them said their work/life balance is increasingly becoming a source of stress, while one-third feel burnt out regularly and one in five work extra hours at weekends or in the evenings all the time.

“To prevent a ‘fatherhood penalty’ emerging in the UK – and to help tackle the motherhood penalty – employers need to ensure that work is designed in a way that helps women and men find a good work-life fit,” chief executive of Working Families Sarah Jackson said.

Off the back of this study, the Women and Equalities Committee has launched an inquiry, calling on organisations and individuals alike to come forth and make their views on the matter known – which can be done via the official Parliament website.

Do you need to find out why people are leaving your company? Sending out exit surveys could help you gain some insight.