Brexit Fears See Brits Applying For Overseas Jobs


An influx of UK jobseekers visiting overseas recruitment sites is being seen as an apparent result of Brexit, with a German site reporting that it saw four times more visitors from Britain on its job boards in June than compared with May.

Founder of Hessam Lavi told The Local that the morning after the EU referendum saw his website almost crash, with this increase in traffic a signal that Brits are scared for their jobs and their futures, the Independent reports.

He did add, however, that it is hard to decipher whether the visitors are British citizens or people from the EU who may now be seeking to leave the UK following the vote.

“Friday morning we woke and basically all of our servers were on fire. For us, it’s obvious that people are worried about their work, about their jobs, about their future. This is a side effect of ‘what do we do next?’” Mr Lavi was quoted as saying.

 It’s possible that some companies – like, for example, investment banks – may be spurred on to move jobs out of the country as a result of the vote. At the moment, it’s hard to tell what employers will do where jobs are concerned and it’s also possible that more Europeans will move to the UK before free movement controls are introduced.

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