What's The Strangest Reason Someone's Given For Quitting Their Job?


People choose to leave their jobs for a wide range of reasons, whether it's to have a baby, to start their own business or to go travelling and see the world. But it's unlikely that those in charge of sending out exit surveys for their departing

According to the BBC, a man in New Zealand has just left his place of work so that he can play Pokemon Go full-time. Tom Currie was working as a bartender and barista at a restaurant on the Hibiscus Coast near Auckland but decided to hand in his notice so he could devote his time entirely to searching for digital creatures using his smartphone instead.

Since he left his jobs, Mr Currie has caught 91 of the 151 Pokemon available and says that travelling is the best part of his new endeavour, instead of going to work day in, day out. "I get to walk around and explore towns I've never been to," he told Newsbeat.

The most likely reason you'll hear after sending out your surveys to past employees to find out why they've resigned is that they've got a new job elsewhere. Quitting to play a computer game is certainly a little less than ordinary - although given how popular Pokemon Go is at the moment, you may well notice a trend in your surveys as people decide they'd rather do that instead of work!

If you don't yet run an exit surveying programme at work, now could be the time to implement it. You can do it online and the surveys can be completely personalised so you can ask your employees exactly what you want and need to know. Reports can then be produced to view results by region or department, with PDF reports able to be downloaded so comparisons can be viewed across the company and trends more easily identified.