44% ‘Feel Pessimistic’ About Future After Brexit


UK employees have admitted that they’re concerned about what the future holds because of the EU referendum result on June 24th, with 44 per cent saying they’re worried.

This is according to the latest survey from the CIPD, revealing that pessimistic sentiments are highest among public sector employees (61 per cent), those in the voluntary sector (58 per cent) and those aged between 25 and 34 (63 per cent).

However, the EU vote result may well have a surprising benefit for many employees, with 21 per cent saying that they feel they’ll need to upskill after the decision was made to leave the EU. While this may not be something that they anticipated or even want to do, it can certainly never hurt to offer your employees more chances for training and professional development – especially if you don’t want them to leave the company.

“In the short term there is a clear need for UK employers to do more to engage with their workforce about the likely effects of Brexit on their organisation. The survey exposes clear signs of worry among the UK workforce and, if left unchecked, could lead to associated issues such as stress and anxiety,” head of public policy with the CIPD Ben Willmott said.

It’s certainly no wonder that some employees are concerned that their jobs are at risk, especially if they work for international firms based in the UK. Now’s the time to put their minds at ease if you can in any way.

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