Some key features when using Career Insight to gather opinions

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Built around your business

We believe Career Insight is a little different.

We focus on bringing our experience in employee surveying and web-based technology together in a way which delivers exactly what you need (not, like some other experts, what it’s thought you need).

·         We listen to your business challenges

·         Work with you to design your questions

·         Trial, test and tweak those questions

·         Check in with you at regular intervals

Career Insight can be customised around specific commercial objectives and surveys and reporting approaches can be built for unusual company structures. We’ll make sure your bespoke Career Insight package ticks every box you need it to. We’ll also use configurable permissions to give access to as many of your named HR team as you like.

Data You can Actually Use

We’ve worked with HR teams for long enough to know you need data that’s quickly understood, easily managed and configurable in ways that let you do your jobs brilliantly.

·         Easily identify key statistics and findings, then create clear and persuasive reports and presentations

  • Insights or reports are ‘live’ and available in real time
  • Collected data is always available to you as a CSV file, perfect for importing into your own analysis software
  • Reports are created 'in-browser' or as an easily saved PDF document which makes emailing and sharing easy
  • Configurable permissions mean you choose who can access and use Career Insight.

Quicker to learn, easier to master

Here’s how it works:

We know you’ve a million and one things to do, so we’ve made Career Insight quick to set up as well as easy and intuitive to manage.

  • Our experienced HR consultant will pay you a visit to really get to know your business, its HR function and your employee culture.
  • We’ll help you identify and formulate the unique questions you need to ask, as well as guiding you through the ‘core’ questions we’ve already built into the system.
  • You’ll be talked through the system, its set-up and how to manage and use it, all ready for you to securely upload your list of employees to be surveyed
  • Your Career Insight system automatically invites leavers to take part, tracks their site visits and reminds them if they haven’t completed their survey.
  • Data is easy to collate, analyse, manage and present, and we’ll teach you how to do it all for yourself.

Support from a human

Yes, you read that right. We're in the HR sector because we like dealing with people, and it shows.

Even though our system is all about being easy to use and self-sufficient, we'll still be here on the end of the phone if you need some help. We'll also pay you a visit if there's a specific HR issue you'd like some help with once your system is up and running.

Better Quality Data

It doesn’t matter how many answers you get to an employee survey, if the questions weren’t right in the first place. We ask the ones that really matter: yours.

Our consultancy-led approach means we’ll work with you face-to-face, understanding your business and identifying the information you really need. This way, we’re able to carefully craft those questions that get to the very bottom of those issues you need to explore.

When it comes to gathering the most relevant truths about your business, off-the-peg surveys just don’t measure up.

HR Led, IT Backed

A uniquely powerful blend of HR expertise and IT know-how. The latest and best technology is one thing, but it takes real expertise to understand the power of employee surveying and how to harness its potential.

We bring 20 years' HR experience to our work, with a proven track record of helping some of the world's leading organisations. We also understand the kind of cases you need to make within your business, so we can help you collect the specific data that could support a particular theory or hunch.

Better Interface, Bigger Response

A bigger response gives you a deeper overall insight, so we’ve made sure Career Insight is perfectly optimised for laptops, tablets and smartphones as well as home computers.

We've also focused on the end-user interface, making it quick and simple for leavers to complete the questions. We even give you the option of branding the interface with your own identity, helping reassure leavers that the survey is authentic and worthwhile.

The interface you and your team use is critically important too. You need to check progress, access users’ accounts and your reports quickly and easily. Our interface is purposefully clean and simple, with no unnecessary, overly slick or complicated stages.

To take a look at the interface and navigate around the Career Insight system, just drop us a line and we’ll email you a demo link.