All HR Professionals would agree that engaged employees are committed to their work, and actively and positively contribute to your organisation's performance.

An employee engagement survey is a measure of staff behaviours, perceptions, and satisfaction with their work, in order to assess their level of engagement.

Employee engagement surveys are also known as an employee opinion survey, staff satisfaction survey or employee climate survey.

An employee engagement survey helps you to assess your company’s performance, HR and management practices and key people satisfaction measures, as well as:

·         Performance and financial outcomes

·         Involve your staff in the organisational development process

·         Actively listening sends a powerful message of inclusion

·         Monitor your performance on chosen metrics over time

·         Act in an informed manner on issues identified in the survey

·         Measure the effectiveness of change initiatives

Continuous listening, as offered by Career Insight, allows us to help you build a picture of where your organisations strengths and weaknesses lay in the career journey… when are you switching employees off? And when are you engaging them and connecting them with your vision? When you view data from multiple and key points in the employee’s career, we can help you gain the insights to transform retention and build a team that can really deliver.