How will it help me and my team?

You and your HR team will benefit from a flexible and intuitive system that gives you the data you need, when you need it, helping you to meet daily challenges with real answers.

We understand that HR is under enormous pressure to perform miracles with time and resources. You need a tool that is quick and easy to master.

Career Insight is designed with you and your department's workload in mind.

Here are the top five benefits:

1. Automatic and quick

The process can be triggered automatically. We can safely and securely integrate with your HRM system, collecting leavers’ details on a weekly or daily cycle. Your leavers will then receive an automatic invite to take part in the Career Insight survey.

2. You stay in control

With Career Insight's easy-to-use control panel, you can set permissions for each user, thereby restricting or expanding what they can see, and the type of reports they can create and manipulate. For example, junior staff, may be granted access to graphed data but not to the free text responses.

3. Unlimited number of administrators

An administrator is someone who can create new admins and users and change permissions. You nominate as many people as you need around your organisation to interact with your data. And you can delegate these controls to trusted individuals, as you see fit.

4. Devolved customised reports

Career Insight allows you to generate a wide range of reports, quickly and easily. Each user can create, name and save their own reports, according to the information they need. Users then have immediate access to a toolkit of customised reports.

5. Global reporting

HR can pre-design standard reports and make them accessible to all users throughout your organisation. For example, if management request a year-to-date summary of reasons for leaving - you can create this once, and anyone can login and retrieve this information at any time. Even for occasional users, this information is easy to access and readily available. Career Insight streamlines and manages the process so you don't have to.