How will it help your organisation?

Do you carry out exit interviews and other career touch point surveys? Do they give you meaningful answers that you translate into action? Our clients tell us that the information they gather in their surveys is often not collated into any useable form. Nor is it regularly referred to or used.

Here are the top five ways we can help change this and get your insights working for you:

1. Uniform and complete

With Career Insight, we ensure that every employee is contacted at just the right time and asked to give feedback about their experience of working with you. The responses they give us are collated and translated into results that you and your organisation can use.

2. Simple, budget-friendly pricing

We charge an all-inclusive fixed fee per respondent, which means that all our consultancy, set-up work, support and backup is covered in a single fixed fee for each leaver invited to take part. For this, our systems will invite participation, track responses and record feedback. There’s no system management cost because we'll teach you how to manage it yourself.

3. Download up-to-the-minute reports

Any number of directors, department heads or managers can access pre-prepared, up-to-date reports. Identifiers that you hold in your personnel records can be used to compile your reports - information such as age, length of service or job title can be explored in depth with Career Insight, all at the press of a few buttons.

4. Compare and contrast

It is easy to create side-by-side reports, so that you can compare one department to another, one region versus another, last year compared with this year, and so on. Career Insight allows you to fully interrogate your survey data, gauge progress and regress, and keep this vital information always at your fingertips.

5. Devolved reports

Career Insight allows you to add as many end users as you need. Each user can then create, name and save their own reports to highlight the information they want to see, drawing from any area of any survey. Our user-friendly interface gives you quick and easy access to these powerful insights.