We charge per respondent, which means that our consultancy time and set-up work is all covered in a single fixed fee for each leaver we invite to take part. There’s no sliding scale for different sized organisations, and there’s no system management cost, because that's all included.

The charges we make are based upon the number of invitations sent out to your employees, so for exit surveying for instance, the fee will be calculated based on your monthly turnover figures. For new recruits or mid-career pulse surveying, the figure will be based on the number of participants you want to take part.

Fees start at just 500 GBP ex VAT per calendar month for a single survey which invites up to 100 employees to take part (again per month). At this level, we ask that you sign up for at least 12 months.

To find out more, just drop us a line or give us a ring and we'll let you have a firm cost for what you need to achieve.