It takes time and costs money to train people to do their jobs well and deliver your product or service. Critical training is carried out during induction but also on an ongoing basis thereafter.

Career Insight can measure training needs and also training effectiveness. You may need help:

·         Deciding who needs which training module

·         Carrying out pre-training assessment

·         How was the training you provided received?

·         Measuring satisfaction with training and development interventions.

·         You may want to check how much of the training has been retained by employees…

·         And whether they now need further help.

Whichever it is, Career Insight can develop and host a survey to be offered to your employees. The system will then make powerful reports available to your key staff for them to display, download and learn from.

Continuous listening, as offered by Career Insight, allows us to help you build a picture of where your organisations strengths and weaknesses lay in the career journey… when are you switching employees off? And when are you engaging them and connecting them with your vision? When you view data from multiple and key points in the employee’s career, we can help you gain the insights to transform retention and build a team that can really deliver.